Bistro Club software (BCS)

Assets Management

  1. Categories Wise Asset
  2. Real Time Asset Tracking
  3. Cloud - Based Asset Management
  4. Achieve Complete Accuracy
  5. Asset Management Systems can Identify Ghost Assets
  6. Allow you to Operate with more Efficiency
  7. Forecast Spending & Bugets
  8. Identify Trends in the Business
  9. Asset Audit
  10. Asset Transfer Digital Record
  11. Asset Disposal
  12. Assets Lifecycle / Depreciation
  13. Reminder for Maintenance
  14. Capitalize on Lower Insurance Premiums
  15. Invoice / Receipt / Challan Uploaded and kept with the Asset Photos
  16. Reminder for Warranty
  17. Centralize Vendor Information
  18. Asset Inventory Control
  19. Increase Efficiency
  20. Tracking your Asset Inventory can help Manage Theft, Insurance, Aging and Over Purchasing
Backoffice Management
Bistro Club software (BCS)
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