Yes we even do support clubs with minimum of 50 members also as we feel that everyone should get a chance to be digitally equipped.

We have designed the software considering ease of use as the priority point ,still if you stuck anywhere our team is always available to support.

Yes you can buy specific modules out of the whole list available Give link of modules.

Yes, you can take that module separately to make your events a hit as other clubs.

We will be pleased to quote for any special requirements. Modifications are costed purely on programming time and we will adhere to any price quoted.

Yes we have even managed clubs with 10000+ users; our team is well equipped with the expertise to do the needful.

We suggest not doing that as there are separate cards for the same which are designed specifically considering the Top-up mechanism and security in mind.

We are available for support at distant areas also via remote.

Most grass roots clubs will have lots of people helping run the club, and Bistro supports that really nicely. So rather than have just a single user doing all the work, we support you having a team of helpers making sure your club runs beautifully.

You can initiate the procedure by filling up this form and let us contact you (give link of form ) or you can call us at

The easiest-to-use Club Management Bistro at a great price .please fill this form to get in touch.

Yes, it is available on request.

Bistro that is easy to use offers great features and is competitively priced. We are proud to offer Clubs owners and Members the best value in the market of Club management Bistro.

Parameters Bistro Biggest Competiter
cost Our user says our software is 99% Economical. They charge hefty costs module wise.
Features We offer more than 20+ Modules catering the complete club services They offer maximum of 08 modules that too with specific features.
Support We provide dedicated support remote/phone/chat/website for which we receive appreciation mails that service should be learned from BSD InfoTech. Provides support via phone.

Bistro can be hosted with your Server, Cloud or Hybrid model ,though we recommend you to prefer Hybrid model where all software is on local machine and the data is on cloud, hence it will be easy for you to give access to your members to view/pay bills and do other activities.

Top of the line. We use all of the latest technologies, protocols and best practices for keeping our client’s data safe and secure.

As secure as it could ever be! We have online and offline backups with several points of redundancy, all of which is stored securely in an undisclosed location. We do backups several times a day, "SIMPLIFY YOUR DAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS"

Bistro was developed specially for clubs and is designed to be easy to use and understand. Our support staffs are on hand to help when needed.

We are very aware that many club officers have full time jobs and we endeavor to provide support whenever it is required – at times weekends too!

Common features include membership management, marketing tools, payment processing, billing, reporting analytics, and staff management. The marketing tools are typically tied into sales functionality.

Yes, setup with migration is an easy process and can be easily done.

Yes, any form of data can be imported into Bistro. Whether your data is in a spreadsheet like Excel or a database like Access, or even if it is from some other Club Management Software, we can import the data.

In past we have taken 7-10 days to implement the migration process.

The methodology we follow is mentioned below:

Task Time Taken in Days
Configuration of masters & import of data 03
Setting of printing outputs 04
Installations 01
Training 01
Total 09
Bistro Club software (BCS)
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